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New Year's Resolutions

Posted by joseph@artbybennett.com on November 21, 2013 at 2:00 PM

It's nearing the end of November and I'm already beginning to think about my resolutions for the coming year.

I hear you - quietly huffing and puffing - signaling how much you dispise them. I used to too. Then I started to view them differently. I resolved to work on changing the things that I really wanted to change. 

In 2011 I resolved to give up using words that no longer served me. Hate. Should. Busy, Crazy. Can't. And started using words like productive, love, could and can. I was able to keep this resolution throughtout 2011, and ever since.

In 2012 I resloved to give up using and buying plastic bottles, especially drinking bottles. I've continued this resolution too. And have likely saved the earth a few hundred - if not thousands - of bottles. 

In 2013 I resolved to trust. As in trust with a capitol T. Trusting in the Universe, trusting that all will work out - all the right clients will show up, all the right art collectors, social invitations, friends, opportunities and creative ideas. My mantra for the entire year has been I trust. It has saved me and served me in countless situations. 

And for 2014? I resolve to connect. To heal old, forgotten or broken connections. To make new ones. To breathe new life into current connections. To show up more fully in my relationships with others. To consider for a moment - before declining an invitation, deleting an email, screening phone calls - making the healthiest, most loving choice that may (or may not) lead to better connections. 

"And what about the other stuff?" I hear you asking. What about getting healthier, being more successful, losing weight, getting to the gym? Yes, that's there too. I found that giving up words like hate, should, can't and busy, being kinder to the earth, trusting everything - the other stuff seems to take care of itself.

I seem to take better care of myself. Easily and effortlessly. Without hating, shaming or shoulding myself into it.

Happy 2014 to you, and here's knowing that you can make - and keep - the right resolution for you and your highest good.

Love, Joseph 

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