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Allowing the shift to happen

Posted by joseph@artbybennett.com on June 17, 2016 at 4:50 PM



So much of our daily experience involves shifting, moving or transitioning from one place to another. This happens when we're driving, shopping, interacting with others, moving about through the World, etc. There are shifts that happen - we're on one path, pursuing one direction and suddenly (easily?) we move into another direction, someone gets in our way or we have to go around an obstruction. Often we do this without even recognizing it.


Many refer to this process as "being in the flow" and allowing this kind of movement makes it easier for us to be actively engaged with the World. So it follows that we could allow our thoughts, beliefs and behaviors to shift at times too, yes? Especially when those beliefs are no longer serving us or may be holding us back from living our truest potential.


Can it be that easy? Can we 1) recognize which beliefs or behaviors are holding us back and 2) shift to different, more empowering thoughts and actions?


Try this: Pay attention - be witness to what’s not working in your life. Just notice. And then, after some time has passed and you can articulate what’s needing change, allow a few degrees of movement toward the direction you’d like to be going. Small increments of change toward a happier, more peace-filled you.


What's needing a shift in your life?


To your highest, Joseph


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