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Past-Life Regression Therapy

Past-Life Regression Therapy, commonly known as "past lives," is a remarkably profound form of therapy where the client safely regresses, through the use of hypnosis, to lives s/he has lived previously. Many seek out this form of therapy to answer questions about their current relationships, fears, patterns, attitudes and more. Through regressions, we discover our soul's purpose in this lifetime and address areas where we need to extend or receive forgiveness. In other words, to work on clearing our karma. It is wonderfully important work!

This form of therapy has gained much attention since psychiatrist Brian Weiss published his much-acclaimed work Many Lives, Many Masters. A true story account of his work with a young patient, the treatment process, and how it changed both of their lives.

My own studies took me to Sedona, AZ to train with healer, teacher, hypnotherapist and internationally recognized expert on Past-Life Regression Mary Elizabeth Raines. She is the author ofPast-Life Regression and the founder of The Academy of Professional Hypnosis Training. Raines teaches us that "the fundamental theory of reincarnation is that our souls are reborn many times in different bodies. Earth is a school to which we return over and over again for new experiences and the growth that results...If one believes that the soul is infinite, it is no more miraculous to be born many times than to be born only once - and far more likely." 

We have much to learn about our current selves from the lives we lived previously - who we were, what we did, who we connected to in previous lives. With Past-Life Regression Therapy, we can - and do - gain a great deal of insight into the patterns, beliefs and behaviors that shape our current lives. 

I look forward to supporting you on your journey of discovery!  Love, Joseph

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