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I have been a nail biter my entire life - until now!! I love looking at my hands and seeing healthy nails! Joseph creates a calm environment to be fully open to embrace the challenge without judgement. I am now a true believer in the power of hypnosis and how the simple act of changing your thoughts can change your life. Thank you Joseph for your support that goes beyond the hypnosis session. You are a gift to all those who have the pleasure of working with you.

JC, Encinitas, CA

Joseph is truly magical! My six year old daughter was scared to sleep at night and when I told Joseph about how no one in our family was sleeping because of it,  he saw my desperation and offered to help. During her session with Joseph, he created a safe, warm and fun environment. He immediately built trust with my daughter and was able to solve her sleeping issues in one session! Her nighttime fear has not come back! I can't recommend Joseph enough! 

Meridith Grundei, Boulder, CO 

Struggling with dermatillomania for many years can be heart wrenching and embarrassing as it is misunderstood. I knew that hypnotherapy could help but I was afraid of ending up with the wrong person. When I, by some kind of God sent coincidence, found out that Joseph is a hypnotherapist, I immediately knew I could trust him. As soon as I met him I felt like we were already friends. The sessions were amazing! Joseph made me feel so comfortable and guided me through the process with love and understanding. He helped me so much!! The recordings are a lifesaver! Listening to them returns me to where I need to be and it makes me feel that this is specially for me! Thank you so so much Joseph for letting me know that you are there for me and showing me that I can be free and healthy again!! 

Katya Saad, Mexico City

Since my visit with you I feel that I have changed in so many ways - I came for some help with some issues I had regarding food and since my hypnosis I have been free - a miracle! Your calm and reassuring way made it easy for me to open up with all my feelings and thoughts and that was the beginning of the changes for me. Changing a few habits, at your suggestion, helped me to change my habits around food. Thank you so much!

Susan, San Miguel de Allende

I appreciate your wisdom, understanding and ability to cut to the chase, and help me start my journey to get me to where I want to go. I'm out of my way now and have an action plan for my immediate future. I AM WILLING! I know that it was all inside me; our innate wisdom just lies dormant for awhile until we are ready to take some action. Today was my "action" day! Thank you so much!

Laura, British Columbia 

Heaps o' blessings all over you for that completely wonderful session. Afterwards I feel calm and energized at the same time, steady mind...buoyant. You really helped me untangle my spaghetti mind. Relieved, happy. So mil gracias my friend and agent of transformation for what you do for me and all of us you serve.

Sarah, San Miguel de Allende

Thank you for my freedom!  I'm past the 9 year mark and I'm confident that I will never smoke again.  I've made many failed attempts to quit smoking over the past 30 years but it was my sessions with you that finally gave me the help I needed to succeed.  I would (and will!) recommend you to any smoker who is ready to quit!

Wayne G., San Diego, CA

Oh Joseph, I am feeling so good!  I got the recording and I enjoy hearing it again and again. It's hard to put into words how different I feel.  It really does feel like weights were lifted off.  I'm lighter, freer and happier. Thank you so much for your good work. You made a difference in my life!

Nancy, Seattle, WA

Hypnosis with Joseph was a life changing experience. I was skeptical in the beginning not knowing what to expect. However, after the first session, I was very impressed that I was able to stop smoking after more than 20 years of being a smoker. Then, I had the second session and we worked on some emotional issues. It made my life lighter and more peaceful. He listened to me, he understood me. He is a great coach! I never thought I could be happier, healthier and more relaxed in such a short period of time. Thank you Joseph!

Client requested anonymity

Dear Joseph, Thank you very much to follow up with me. Well, no smoking even some times I'd love to. But it is easy not to smoke. My problems are resolving bit by bit and I hope that from today onwards my life is getting back to normal. My health is getting better, only a few times I'm coughing, cleansing, but I feel good and very very happy, that I'm smoke free!!!  :)

Sabi, San Miguel de Allende

I've been wanting to try hypnosis for appetite suppression and I finally did it. It was a wonderful experience. First, Joseph finds out about your intentions for quite a while and then you relax and he talks you into what I would call a "peaceful trance". You're totally relaxed and you can hear his voice guiding you. It's almost like a yoga relaxation. It was quite wonderful.  I know it will work because I want it to. It feels like a very effortless way to accomplish this goal. Joseph was great and I highly recommend this approach to life changes. 

Marlene B., Alexandria, VA

Just to spend the hour and a half relaxing with Joseph was worth the visit!  Then the "session" where he talks to you about your goals while you're in very deep relaxation (ie hypnosis).  I had some specific goals, especially to be able to sleep after such a long time on drugs that made me very depressed.  He essentially told me to get out of my own way and let myself sleep!  And I'm now sleeping with a natural relaxer that had never worked over the years before.  Not to mention my renewed energy and motivation to create. Thanks Joseph. 

W.W. San Miguel de Allende

Joseph Bennett is an effective hypnotherapist, who specializes in smoking cessation. Additionally, he is compassionate and kind and as a former smoker is never judgmental. Really great man to work with.

Sunday Marie, San Miguel de Allende

I went to see Joseph to work with some anxiety I was having related to public performance.

As a side issue, I also wanted to work on quitting smoking which had increased because of the anxiousness I was feeling.  Not only did Joseph offer innovative tools and affirmations that helped me with my performance anxiety....I have literally not had one puff of a cigarette in THREE YEARS!  I only had ONE session with Joseph! Thanks Joseph for doing what you do and doing it with such skill and compassion!

K.P., San Miguel de Allende

My experience with Joseph was so loving and such an adventure. The biggest surprise for me was that he never engaged any resistance in me. My heart kept saying YES all the way through. Resistance was my middle name, until now. I felt cared for and held, metaphorically, so gently during the session, and afterwards, and have enjoyed listening to the tape of the session ever since. I can recommend the experience of hypnosis with Joseph with great pleasure. Thank you.

Joanie, San Miguel de Allende

Thank you for all of this - for the deeply satisfying session, for your energy and inspiration. You are blessed!  Others should share in your gifts.

Alice, Boston, MA

I feel different already! I feel calm and centered, and I haven't felt like this in a long time. It feels great! Thank you so much, I will keep in touch and when I am back in San Miguel I will give you a call.

John S., Chicago, IL

I have been struggling with insomnia for over a year, taking different stuff but nothing worked consistently. I was referred to Joseph though a friend and I set up a session and it worked. I highly recommend spending a little money and check it out for yourself.  I think Joseph is the best.

Joe Hernandez, San Miguel de Allende

You are an amazingly powerful gift to this planet! Thank you for being yourself!

Alfonso C, Sedona, AZ

I have stage fright. I have been involved in 4 plays in the last year, and the stage fright was really a problem for me. I sought the help of Joseph Bennett for this, and wow, it changed my perspective totally. And more and more and more I do not have stage fright! Joseph is gentle and effective. I heartily recommend him.

J.N., San Miguel de Allende

I would highly recommend Hypnotherapy with Joseph for anyone who wishes to confront an obstacle that is preventing them living a joyful and healthy life. Joseph is an insightful man and his calm presence, compassion, understanding provided me with the tools and courage to confront and overcome my addiction to smoking.  During the sessions I felt completely relaxed and enjoyed listening to his gentle voice inspiring confidence in me. After the hypnotherapy sessions he provided follow up support and encouragement and was always available for me.  Being a non-smoker is wonderful!

Angela, San Miguel de Allende

My friend asked me to post for her (wants to stay anonymous) but, she is to this day, (after more than 7 years) completely off pain meds! To this day she feels truly blessed to have met you as you helped her overcome this huge burden. Blessings from both of us!

Elsa C., San Diego, CA

I would certainly recommend a session with Joseph, he is a warm and caring person and is very professional in the service he provides.

Tracey O., Sedona, AZ

After 15 years of smoking I never thought I would be tobacco free! It only took you two very powerful sessions to help me stop this destructive addiction. Thank you dear I owe you 15 more years of life!

Alide M., Del Mar, CA

I came to Joseph for help with food control and smoking cessation. The results of his hypnosis session were wonderful ? I felt fewer urges and when they did arrive, my mind went immediately to my intentions and their purposes, and it was much easier to refrain. The sessions themselves were very peaceful experiences that left me feeling refreshed and confident and balanced. Joseph?s voice always let me know he had my highest interests at heart, and his words were clear and insightful.

Colleen Finnegan, San Diego, CA

Joseph Bennett is an amazing hypnotherapist. His sincerity and compassion are evident from the moment you meet him.  He respects and supports you wherever you are in your healing or manifesting process, and is incredibly intuitive and gifted in helping you navigate to your next step.  I highly recommend working with him if you have long or short-term goals that have been frustrating you; you won't be disappointed.

Rachel C., San Diego, CA