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Do something today that your future self will thank you for.   Sean Patrick Flanery

I'm gonna quit, I'm just not ready yet.

Does that sound familiar?

I totally get it.

I smoked for 32 years. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 233,600 cigarettes.

After quitting with hypnosis more than 12 years ago, I made it my mission to help as many people as possible to quit smoking.


This includes You.  ​


I'm going to help you quit smoking.


Maybe there's a part of you that likes smoking, but another part of you really hates it, right?


You hate what it's doing to your lungs. Your skin. Your sense of taste. The wheezing that happens when you try to climb a flight of stairs. You hate people nagging you and making you feel ashamed. 

I can help.


I can help you get FREE of nicotine, once and for all.


Your Quit Smoking Program includes:

  • two 1.5 hour, custom hypnosis sessions (either in person or on the phone)

  • two custom downloadable recordings of your sessions

  • a daily check in via whatsapp for the first 30 days

  • a copy of "7 Things to Have, Be and Do Before You Start Any Quit Smoking Program"checklist

  • a copy of "Three to Get Free! 3 Life-Saving Tools to Help You Quit Smoking" ebook 

  • one follow up coaching call 

  • daily powerful action steps 

  • a custom Quit Smoking Contract

  • and the accountability you've been looking for.

The full price for your program includes all of the above PLUS a guarantee

Follow the program completely, and I promise you that you will QUIT SMOKING FOREVER. The cost of the program is $497 usd. 

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"I smoked (a lot) for over 55 years and believed that I could never quit. I tried to quit several times in the past; once I quit for a year.  But for a long time I had just given up.

When I finally decided that enough was enough, I knew that I couldn't do it alone. I had a couple of friends who had quit with the help of hypnotherapy some years ago. I didn't fully understand the process but was willing to try.

Joseph has an ex-smoker's understanding of the problem. He is very caring and makes the effort to learn and address the personal issues involved. He provided me with an array of tools to support my non-smoking decision during the physical withdrawal period as well as for the fight against behavioral and emotional dependence. He has also been very generous with his time and support in following up with me through phone conversations and e-mails.

I do feel confident that I can stay smoke free. It's been 13 months! I wholeheartedly recommend that anyone who is fighting this addiction give Joseph and his caring approach a try." 


​— Michael Piccolo, San Miguel Allende, MX

"Working with Joseph was all I needed to quit after 30 years of smoking. It was a true addiction and I wanted to leave that behind forever. Joseph was very professional and his understanding of the core issue underlying my addiction was the true key to dissolve the need to smoke. He was very supportive and available after the session. I truly recommend Joseph if you want to quit smoking for good! 

Five years later I am still smoke free (even after a painful divorce). It truly worked!"

— Adriana Aristizábal, Columbia

"Thank you for my freedom! I'm past the 11 year mark and I'm confident that I will never smoke again. I've made many failed attempts to quit smoking over the past 30 years but it was my sessions with you that finally gave me the help I needed to succeed.

I would (and will!) recommend you to any smoker who is ready to quit!"

— Wayne Grey, San Diego, CA

*Read even more amazing testimonials here

> If you need a more intensive, individualized approach, you can sign up for our amazing residential quitting smoking program in San Miguel Allende, Mexico.

The Residential Quitting Smoking Program is a personalized "Healthy Vacation" that offers gorgeous accommodations, individualized hypnotherapy sessions, healthy cooking classes, yoga, massage, acupuncture and more.


Whichever approach you choose, each is designed to help you quit smoking. 


All you gotta do is reach out today


Cause really: If not now, when?       


Be Well


Joseph Bennett, MBA, CHt, CLC

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