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Testimonials from clients

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Although I felt that there was no need for Joseph’s coaching, or anyone else’s for that matter, I still decided, (out of curiosity), to take Joseph’s coaching program. I had lots of reservations, but Joseph understood exactly where I was and made it simple.   

During our first session Joseph gently directed me towards openness and a much fuller and richer life. His guidance has been very precious and helpful towards a more meaningful life, and allows for joy and hope! 


I'm so, so grateful, I thank the Universe every night for having Joseph in my life!

Joseph is dedicated to helping others and is very sincere in his involvement towards a better life for his clients. I am greatly thankful for his help and wish more people would dare look at their life and reach out for his help!


Margo Godin, Quebec, Canada  


Joseph lit up my life and made 2022 the best year of my life.


His deep care and compassion for life was overflowing in each session that we had together.


His ability to find and focus on the positive in all situations, along with his ability to create humor through my angst and tears was just one of the ways in which he was able to open my eyes and heart which has led to my greatly increased level of healing.

In my opinion Joseph has been a miracle worker in my life!


—J.A. Chaikin, México


I was at the end of my rope. For multiple years, I had tried to finally kick my nicotine addiction, one that has lasted nearly 35 years. I tried all of the normal routes and gimmicks but to no avail. I was anxiously looking for someone to cure this once and for all. 


We started with a remotely guided hypnotic discussion. On that day, the decision was made that I would be done with nicotine, in all its forms and shapes. The session left me feeling hopeful and confident moving forward.  To supplement the effects, Joseph created audio recordings for me to use just before bed each night when I went to sleep. I listened to the tapes every night without fail for 6 months, finding, not only did they ease my mind and cravings, but they also gave me a very calm and lasting sense of comfort and relaxation as I drifted to sleep.


It has now been over a year, and I remain nicotine free. I continue to refer to the recordings, though not every night, as the cravings are now totally gone. The recordings still send me to a blissful state of sleep and relaxation. As a result of our success, everything in my life, both physical and mental are greatly improved. I will have a lifetime of appreciation and gratitude to Joseph for helping me solve this problem.


Beyond nicotine addiction, I have also subsequently engaged Joseph to create a new set of nightly recordings to help establish some other subconscious ways of thinking and motivation, ultimately pursuing the belief in positive thinking and gratitude to help generate all of the things I desire.  Whatever your goal or challenge, I’m confident that if your mind is open, you will have similar success and results with his help!


—Jason, Miami, FL

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Working with Joseph Bennett has been a magical and life-affirming experience. I came to him looking to build up my current business and create healthy work habits. After our first session I created more business for myself and I had so much more hope, clarity and confidence!


I've completed 12 sessions with Joseph and feel so much more productive, empowered and positive while learning more ways to bring in more clients.


Joseph is an effective life coach, has such a big heart and approaches his practice with love. I feel that he has given me tools that will help me in all areas of my life, not just my business. I highly recommend Joseph Bennett if you are looking to improve your life, quit a habit, create a business and manifest a dream. He has been a gift to me!


— Tanya, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Joseph Bennett, Life coaching, life coaching testimonial

​I spent years seeking happiness without realizing I was looking in the wrong place.

Joseph has helped me find it in the here and now. A priceless journey!

— Regina Gonzalez, San Antonio, Texas

Whitney Moore, Joseph Bennett, Life coaching, life coaching testimonial

Joseph is intuitive, insightful and inspiring. He helped me lay down concrete goals for growing and promoting my business and gave me a fantastic outside perspective on some belief systems and patterns of behavior that have been holding me back. All in a very kind, non-judgmental manner.

I highly recommend him if you're looking for some concrete direction, ready to break some habits/ patterns, or just feel ready to manifest greater abundance in your life!

— Whitney Moore, Asheville, North Carolina

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Ever since I met Joseph and he started coaching me, my life hasn't been the same. He has helped me undo toxic habits I had since childhood, and also bad habits I didn't even know I had. I truly recommend Joseph because he is very patient and kind. Thanks to him I know where I am headed and what my passions are!


Again, thank you for being there for me, Joseph. I say this from the heart.


— Ricky Delgado, Mexico City

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Joseph is an incredibly insightful, warm and knowledgeable coach. I thoroughly enjoy working with him and have gained invaluable insights into how I can live my life with abundance. When I started with Joseph, I was a confused mess about what direction I needed to go in with my career and now I have more clarity, a new sense of purpose and drive. I highly recommend working with Joseph! He's an amazing human.


— Meridith Grundei, NYC

I am a true believer in the power of hypnosis and how the simple act of changing your thoughts can change your life. Thank you, Joseph for your support that goes beyond the hypnosis session. You are a gift to all who have the pleasure of working with you. I haven't bitten my nails since! It's been years!!! 


— Julia, Encinitas, CA

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I smoked (a lot) for over 55 years and believed that I could never quit. I tried to quit several times in the past; once I quit for a year. But for a long time I had just given up.

When I finally decided that enough was enough, I knew that I couldn't do it alone. I had a couple of friends who had quit with the help of hypnotherapy some years ago. I didn't fully understand the process but was willing to try.

Joseph has an ex-smoker's understanding of the problem. He is very caring and makes the effort to learn and address the personal issues involved. He provided me with an array of tools to support my non-smoking decision during the physical withdrawal period as well as for the fight against behavioral and emotional dependence. He has also been very generous with his time and support in following up with me through phone conversations and e-mails.

I do feel confident that I can stay smoke free. It's been 3 years! I wholeheartedly recommend that anyone who is fighting this addiction give Joseph and his caring approach a try. 


​— Michael Piccolo, San Miguel Allende, MX


I was going through a chaotic period of my life. I was looking for some order and needed help in doing it. Then I met Joseph who coached me for about three months. The work that we have done together helped me to develop more self-confidence.


Joseph really coached me (with) self-exploration and helped me in achieving my goals. 

— Mattio Biagini, Monterrey, Mexico


I cannot tell you how valuable you have been in changing my life. I was so stuck when we first started and now I am filled with energy and desire.


Right now I know what I have to do, and am moving forward! 


— Cynthia A., Galveston, TX

Since my visit with you I feel that I have changed in so many ways - I came for some help with some issues I had regarding food and since my hypnosis I have been free - a miracle! Your calm and reassuring way made it easy for me to open up with all my feelings and thoughts and that was the beginning of the changes for me. Changing a few habits, at your suggestion, helped me to change my habits around food. Thank you so much!

— Susan, San Miguel Allende

Struggling with dermatillomania for many years can be heart wrenching and embarrassing as it is misunderstood. I knew that hypnotherapy could help but I was afraid of ending up with the wrong person. When I, by some kind of God sent coincidence, found out that Joseph is a hypnotherapist, I immediately knew I could trust him. As soon as I met him I felt like we were already friends. The sessions were amazing! Joseph made me feel so comfortable and guided me through the process with love and understanding. He helped me so much!! The recordings are a lifesaver! Listening to them returns me to where I need to be and it makes me feel that this is specially for me! Thank you so so much Joseph for letting me know that you are there for me and showing me that I can be free and healthy again!


— Katya Saad, Mexico City

Screen Shot 2019-09-25 at 1.48.43 PM.png

Joseph Bennett is a treasure. His insight, wit, humor and passion are only out-matched by his compassion and drive to do whatever it takes to unlock your full potential. If you have the opportunity to work with him as a coach, RUN, don’t walk!


— Ian Temple, New York City

"I read and re-read my notes from my session with you hundreds of times. It helped me so much. It changed my fear to confidence. You are more than worth your weight in gold!"

— J.M., San Miguel Allende

"I appreciate your wisdom, understanding and ability to cut to the chase, and help me start my journey to get me to where I want to go. I'm out of my way now and have an action plan for my immediate future. I AM WILLING! I know that it was all inside me; our innate wisdom just lies dormant for awhile until we are ready to take some action. Today was my "action" day! Thank you so much!"


— Laura, British Columbia 


"Heaps o' blessings all over you for that completely wonderful session. Afterwards I feel calm and energized at the same time, steady mind...buoyant. You really helped me untangle my spaghetti mind. Relieved, happy. So mil gracias my friend and agent of transformation for what you do for me and all of us you serve."


— Sarah, Moab, UT


"Thank you for my freedom! I'm past the 10 year mark and I'm confident that I will never smoke again. I've made many failed attempts to quit smoking over the past 30 years but it was my sessions with you that finally gave me the help I needed to succeed. I would (and will!) recommend you to any smoker who is ready to quit!"


— Wayne G., San Diego, CA



"Oh Joseph, I am feeling so good!  I got the recording and I enjoy hearing it again and again. It's hard to put into words how different I feel. It really does feel like weights were lifted off. I'm lighter, freer and happier. Thank you so much for your good work. You made a difference in my life!"


— Nancy, Seattle, WA

"Working with Joseph was all I needed to quit after 30 years of smoking. It was a true addiction and I wanted to leave that behind forever. Joseph was very professional and his understanding of the core issue underlying my addiction was the true key to dissolve the need to smoke. He was very supportive and available after the session. I truly recommend Joseph if you want to quit smoking for good! Eight years later I am still smoke free (even after a painful divorce). It truly worked!"

— Adriana Aristizábal, Columbia


"Hypnosis with Joseph was a life changing experience. I was skeptical in the beginning not knowing what to expect. However, after the first session, I was very impressed that I was able to stop smoking after more than 20 years of being a smoker. Then, I had the second session and we worked on some emotional issues. It made my life lighter and more peaceful. He listened to me, he understood me. He is a great coach! 


I never thought I could be happier, healthier and more relaxed in such a short period of time. Thank you Joseph!"


— Client requested anonymity



"I've been wanting to try hypnosis for appetite suppression and I finally did it. It was a wonderful experience. First, Joseph finds out about your intentions for quite a while and then you relax and he talks you into what I would call a "peaceful trance". You're totally relaxed and you can hear his voice guiding you. It's almost like a yoga relaxation. It was quite wonderful.  I know it will work because I want it to. It feels like a very effortless way to accomplish this goal. Joseph was great and I highly recommend this approach to life changes."


— Marlene B., Alexandria, VA



"My experience with Joseph was so loving and such an adventure. The biggest surprise for me was that he never engaged any resistance in me. My heart kept saying YES all the way through. Resistance was my middle name, until now. I felt cared for and held, metaphorically, so gently during the session, and afterwards, and have enjoyed listening to the tape of the session ever since. I can recommend the experience of hypnosis with Joseph with great pleasure. Thank you."

— Joanie, San Miguel de Allende, MX



"Thank you for all of this - for the deeply satisfying session, for your energy and inspiration. You are blessed! Others should share in your gifts!"

— Alice, Boston, MA


"My friend asked me to post for her (wants to stay anonymous) but she is to this day (after more than 15 years) completely off pain meds! To this day she feels truly blessed to have met you as you helped her overcome this huge burden. Blessings from both of us!"


— Elsa C., San Diego, CA

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