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Do we meet on the phone, Zoom or in person?


Traditionally, coaching was designed to be offered on the phone. I'm able to offer zoom calls if you prefer, and (post covid) in person for locals at my home office in San Miguel de Allende.​

How long are the sessions?


The sessions are 1 hour long, and the starter program is 12 sessions. People often sign up for additional sessions when they want to go deeper into the coaching journey, but initially it's 12 sessions.​ For hypnotherapy, you can sign up for fewer sessions that are slightly longer than one hour, and offered in-person or on zoom. 


Are the sessions in private or in a group?

The sessions are private, just you and me. Throughout the year my husband and fellow coach Eli offer group programs, workshops and retreats. But because of covid, nothing has been planned yet.​

How much are the sessions? 

The program that I offer is 12 sessions for $1800, with a discount of $150 when you sign up for the entire program. The first discovery call is always free. You're welcome to schedule your call here

Have you ever worked with a coach yourself, Joseph? ​


Absolutely. I worked with my first coach in 1998 and still have coaching sessions with a coach to help me stay inspired, accountable and moving in the direction of my dreams. I know and trust that these sessions make me

a better coach for you, too.​


You typically work with creative types, but I'm not an artist. Can we still work together? ​


Yes, as long as we're a good fit energetically. I've coached financial planners, massage therapists, other life coaches and cancer coaches, personal trainers, business owners, PhD students, and more. The common thread between all my clients seems to be that they're aching for a braver, happier life.   


Anything else that's unique about this coaching program?


Yes. I bring to the table tons of positive energy, an impeccable ear for listening to what you say (and what you don't say) and a sense of humor (laughter is the best medicine, and makes it easier to learn new skills and habits!)


In my toolkit, I have professional certifications as a hypnotherapist, happiness coach and an EFT (tapping) practitioner. So if we need to access those tools during your program, we will.


Also, I'm married to a professional coach, so while your sessions are confidential, I have Eli's ear to bounce ideas off of when I get stuck with a coaching dilemma. His wisdom and insight are priceless! It's almost like getting 2 for 1:) ​


Oh! Your coaching program is also unique in that it's only $137 per session (with your applied discount). Coaches typically charge much, much more than that. ​

What can you tell me about the hypnotherapy sessions?


I have been a certified hypnotherapist for more than 12 years and have helped others quit smoking, get sober, stop biting their nails, play better tennis, have calmer, more pleasant child birth and a host of other results.


The sessions are recorded and you'll have a chance to listen to the recording at least 1x/day to get the most benefit. Typically clients see positive results in the first session, and I recommend working together for a minimum of three. The fee is $175 per session.


To read about some of the results that others have enjoyed, please see the testimonial page


What should I do next? ​


I try to stay away from the word should (don't should on yourself!) but what you could do is sign up for a free discovery call. And trust me, this won't be a sales call — it's just an opportunity for us to connect and see if we're a good fit.

I think you'll love it!