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Feeling stuck? 

I can help.

Hi, I'm Joseph

..and I spent years tossing and turning at night, unable to sleep.


I laid awake worrying about money and bills and what the hell am I doing with my life? I'd left a decade long career in mental health and moved 3,000 miles from everything I knew, everything familiar. The only thing I brought with me? A bunch of debt, and my teddy bear Casey riding in the passenger seat.


I was broke, scared and full of self doubt.


During that difficult period, I made one brave, life-changing decision: I hired a life coach


Later, after nearly 2 years of weekly sessions with my coach Leslie, she turned to me and casually said "I have someone I'd like you to work with. His name is "Chris" and he needs a coach. Can I have Chris call you? You'd be great." 

Fast forward 23 years —


Now, after working with hundreds of clients and adding a few coaching and therapy certifications to my name, this is what I've come to understand:


  • that having a coach helps in meaningful and magnificent ways, especially when you're feeling scared, worried or stuck

  • being stuck sucks

  • we tend to get in our own way 

  • we forget how infinitely abundant life truly is

  • there's deep truth in the Universal law change your thinking, change your life


And more recently, because of covid, I'm also learning this:


Life is really, really short. Any one of us could be dead tomorrow, or today. We're only here for a few seconds, really...


Can we get out of our own way, follow our dreams and create a magnificently marvelous life?


The answer is a rousing hell, yes! 

If you're ready to create a life you love, call me.


After, I promise you'll sleep a whole lot better;)


(And yes, Casey the teddy bear is still with me. I got rid of the debt, worry and self-doubt though. You can too.)

Love + blessings, 

Kind Words

Ricky Delgado

Mexico City, MX


Ever since I met Joseph and he started coaching me, my life hasn't been the same. He has helped me undo toxic habits I had since my childhood and also bad habits I didn't even know I had. I truly recommend Joseph because he is very patient and kind. Again, thank you for being there for me, Joseph. I say this from the heart.

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Meridith Grundei,

New York, NY

When I started with Joseph, I was a confused mess about what direction I needed to go in... and now I have more clarity, a new sense of purpose and drive. I highly recommend working with Joseph! He's an amazing human.

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Sariel Beckenstein

Denver, CO


Life seems easier now, and my quality of life has never been better! Joseph gave me tools to change the limiting stories about my life, and allowed me to find clarity and a deep sense of joy. Thank you Joseph for your compassion and wisdom.

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.
— Sean Patrick Flanery




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