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Feeling stuck?

No worries.

I got you. 

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Working with Joseph Bennett has been a magical and life-affirming experience. I came to him looking to build up my current business and create healthy work habits. After our first session,
I created more business for myself and I had so much more hope, clarity and confidence!

—Tanya Story, Santa Fe

I've been there

I know your life might feel overwhelming sometimes, and that it sometimes takes too much of your energy just getting through the day-to-day.


And you probably also have a few dreams that are sitting in the back of the closet that haven't seen the light of day in years. Are they even worth it? Does it even matter anymore? Why bother? 


I understand, and I've been there. I hired my first coach waaay back in the 1990s before coaching was even a thing. I was pretty desperate to get a handle on my life—I was miserable working as a house-cleaner Monday-Saturday, and tossing and turning every night worried about my bills.


Within a year, I had turned all of that around with the help of a coach. And I can help you, too. Coaching is so much more than the words that are spoken to each other; coaching is about changing your life so that you can go from hitting the snooze and dreading the day, to starting the day with oh my God I can't wait to get outta bed and live my amazing life!


Years after hiring a coach, when I needed to quit smoking, I then hired a hypnotherapist and to this day, I honor the work we did together as I'm so much healthier physically (obviously) but also emotionally and spiritually. As a certified hypnotherapist, I'm able to support others who are wanting to let go of a habit (smoking, drinking, nail-biting, etc) or a belief that's getting in the way.


What about you? What are you wanting to let go of, or wanting to create? It is possible, and we can do it, together. 

I got you,

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There are five ways to connect with me—

Complimentary try it
before you buy it
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Read my book
Spring Cleaning Coaching Program
This could be the most powerful conversation you've ever had. During our call, you're welcome to ask any and all questions about hypnotherapy, coaching and/or retreat options.

I promise that you'll feel more hopeful, motivated and inspired after the call, with a clearer sense of direction! 

"Joseph has helped me find (my happiness) in the here and now. A priceless journey!" You can start your journey here
If you're feeling tired, overly committed or overwhelmed, this #1 New Release was written for you. Discover why others have said "a reminder that rest is medicine...when
I feel myself on the verge of burnout, I flip to a random page and find some healing.

You're welcome to order your copy here
This hyper focused, 3 session coaching program dives quickly into those "nagging" questions you might have: How do I manage my time? How can I get more rest? Remind me again what my dreams were, and how do I connect with them? 

We'll delve deeply into any & all of this in your Spring Cleaning program. And the 101
% Happiness Guarantee applies here, too (see details below). Special sign on BONUS: a free copy of Rest, The Art of Doing Less. Let's do this sooner than later.
Lasting Change
12 Session Coaching Program
This program, the most popular offer, is for 12 private sessions to help bring your dreams to life, and to live your dream life! This program asks for your effort, thought and full heart, where you'll learn to be comfortably uncomfortable, and show up more fully in your life.

This program is not for those who are actively addicted, unable to take responsibility for their life, or who would rather blame others for their problems. If that's you, go back to Google and find another coach;) 

This program is for you if you're tired of feeling lost, not sure about your next steps and are looking for both a hand to hold and a dose of accountability. And know this: I see you. I totally understand how hard it must be to get outta bed some days. And I promise you this: It will not always be this hard. It will get easier, and I'm 110% here for you, OK?

Read some of what my clients have experienced when working with me, and sign up for your first session here. Special sign on BONUS: an audio guided meditation designed specifically for you and your goals, recorded by me and delivered via email within 14 days of starting the program. You'll LOVE it!
VIP Rest and Reset Retreat in
San Miguel de Allende, México
Earning more than 300 FIVE Star reviews, guests from all over the World have enjoyed staying with us at our property Casa de la Paz (House of Peace) and enjoying healthy cooking classes (husband Eli Hans is a chef and wellness coach) healing massage, hypnotherapy, trips to the healing hot springs, lazy days in the hammock, stargazing on the terrace next to a campfire, sitting by the fish pond with a cup of tea... and allowing themselves the gift of resting and resetting!

During your 7-10 day stay, it's likely that no one else will be receiving retreat services, which means you (and your significant other or guest, if you choose) will have our FULL attention (and lots of TLC!) while you're here.

Join us in the #1 city in the World, San Miguel de Allende. Reach out to schedule your Rest and Reset Retreat options! Special sign on bonus: Each participant receives one complimentary life or wellness coaching session with Joseph or Eli, and a copy of Rest, The Art of Doing Less, a value of $162 usd.

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Kind Words

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I cannot tell you how valuable you have been in changing my life. I was so stuck when we first started and now I am filled with energy and desire.
Right now I know what I have to do, and am moving forward!

—Cynthia, Galveston, TX

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Ever since I met Joseph and he started coaching me, my life hasn't been the same. He has helped me undo toxic habits I had since my childhood and also bad habits I didn't even know I had. I truly recommend Joseph because he is very patient and kind. Again, thank you for being there for me, Joseph. I say this from the heart.

—Ricky Delgado

México City, MX

>>Read more testimonials here.

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Joseph is intuitive, insightful and inspiring. He helped me lay down concrete goals for growing and promoting my business and gave me a fantastic outside perspective on some belief systems and patterns of behavior that have been holding me back.


And all in a very kind, non-judgmental manner.

I highly recommend him if you're looking for some concrete direction, ready to break some habits/patterns, or just feel ready to manifest greater abundance in your life!

— Whitney Moore,

Asheville, North Carolina

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.
— Sean Patrick Flanery

10 FUN things about me
10+ fun things you might not know about me...
1. Married my husband before I even knew his name. True story! We've been together for 23 years.

2. At an Al-Anon meeting in my early twenties, I heard the phrase let gratitude be your attitude—and it completely changed my life, forever.

3. First started making assemblage art when I was 7 or 8 years old, and to this day I'm still making art with other people's junk!

4. I've been an actor/ballet dancer/performer at various points in my life and co-founded and have performed with The Improv People for the past dozen years or so. Scariest thing I've done was Stand uP Comedy at a comedy club in San Diego, CA. And I knocked their socks off! 

5. I adore all animals, especially dogs. Once, when I was fairly close to death, my dying wish was to go to a petting zoo! 

6. I built a tree fort in the backyard of our Wilmington, Delaware home. It grew to have a trap door, screened in porch and a fireplace! It was an assemblage in a tree!

7. Have lived in San Miguel de Allende, México for 13 years, and will probably be learning español for the rest of my life.
8. Am an avid reader and joined the #52booksin52weeks movement a few years ago. I tend to read self help, money and inspirational books, though a great novel is yummy reading, too.

9. I've been sober for 12+ years, and debt–free for nearly 25 (except for mortgage payments a few years back).

10. I've ridden a donkey up and down the Grand Canyon (not as much fun as it sounds. It was August and Lenny the donkey was not having it), skydived over Otay Lakes, CA, won an ice cream eating contest with my hands tied behind my back, stood in the middle of Martin Luther King, Jr. Highway with my Mom during Hands Across America in 1986, worked in psychiatry & suicide prevention for 10 years, and believe that the oceans (and any & all bodies of water, really) are some of God's greatest creations.   
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Your 101% Action Taker Happiness Guarantee If, after fully completing the program and giving your best effort to the inspired action steps, you don't see a marked improvement in your mental, physical, financial or spiritual wellbeing, your money will be refunded to you 101%. (Yup. That's more than your initial investment. That's how much I believe in this work—and the results.)
Joseph Bennett is a treasure. His insight, wit, humor and passion are only out-matched by his compassion and drive to do whatever it takes to unlock your full potential. If you have the opportunity to work with him as a coach, RUN, don’t walk! — Ian, NYC




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+52 415 103 8027 mex cell / whatsapp 

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