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"Two excellent hosts. One terrific show!"

Podcast are you waiting for permission? With Meridith Grundei and Joseph bennett

I'm super lucky that I get to co-host Are You Waiting For Permission? with the delightfully creative, fun and always curious Meridith Grundei.


A podcast described as "a balm for those of us both daring and doubting at living creatively, whether on the edge of birthing a passion, pursuing it lightly or in the trenches of producing that which makes our heart sing. Joseph & Meridith have a genuine candor and spunk that loosens us into being just a bit bolder in the pursuits we hold dear."

Please feel free to listen, subscribe and rate the show right over here.


Oh! And if you have a question you'd like answered on the air, please email your questions to us at

And hey! Thanks for listening! 

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