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"Working with Joseph Bennett has been a magical and life affirming experience. I came to him looking to build on my current business and create healthy work habits. After our first session I created more business for myself and I had so much more hope and confidence!

Now I have completed 12 sessions with Joseph and I feel so much more productive, empowered and positive while learning more ways to bring in more clients.

Joseph is a effective life coach, he has such a big heart and approaches his practice with love. I feel that he has given me tools that will help me in all areas of my life, not just my business. I highly recommend Joseph Bennett if you are looking to improve your life, quit a habit, create a business and manifest a dream. He has been a gift to me!" 
— Tanya Story

"Ever since I met Joseph and he started coaching me, my life hasn't been the same. He has helped me undo toxic habits I had since my childhood and also bad habits I didn't even know I had. I truly recommend Joseph because he is very patient and kind. Thanks to him I know where I am headed and what my passions are! Again, thank you for being there for me, Joseph. I say this from the heart."
— Ricky Delgado 

"I was going through a chaotic period of my life. I was looking for some order and needed help in doing it. Then I met Joseph who coached me for about three months. The work that we have done together helped me to develop more self-confidence. Joseph really coached me (with) self-exploration and helped me in achieving my goals." 
Mattio Biagini

"I cannot tell you how valuable you have been in changing my life. I was so stuck when we first started and now I am filled with energy and desire. Right now I know what I have to do, and am moving forward!" 

— Cynthia Antonelli

"Joseph is intuitive, insightful and inspiring. He helped me lay down concrete goals for growing and promoting my business and gave me a fantastic outside perspective on some belief systems and patterns of behavior that have been holding me back. And all in a very kind, non-judgmental manner. I highly recommend him if you're looking for some concrete direction, ready to break some habits/patterns, or just feel ready to manifest greater abundance in your life!"

— Whitney Leigh

"If you want real change in your life, fasten your seat belt and call Joseph!" 

— Robert Sherman

"Joseph is helping me organize my business goals and has guided me thru new terrain in self promotion and confidence. Joseph is very clear and motivational! His ideas and insights are a breath of fresh air. I am grateful to have Joseph as a coach. Manifesting greater abundance starts with changing the way we think and act. Thank you Joseph."

— Kent Slade

"Since our therapy I have started to feel different, lighter. I do feel better - I look at the world around me as if it is all a gift I can choose to appreciate." 

— Rita M. 

"Joseph as a life coach was a supportive and enlivening experience. His sincerity and listening skills coupled with the ability to ask just the right questions spurred me into action. I will use his services as needed to stay tuned toward my goals." 

— Barry Shapiro

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