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Rest, The Art of Doing Less was released in June, 2022 and is available directly on this site for $9.99 usd, plus shipping. 

"Sometimes we find ourselves pushing through, feeling exhausted on more days, and in more ways, than we care to count.

In this inspiring book, Bennett gives us much needed permission to lovingly say 'no' to being busy, and to stop wearing our exhaustion as a status symbol.

Instead, he invites us to say 'yes' to our self-care, and ultimately, our self-love."

"A powerful, practical guide on the magic ingredient to successful, sustainable, creative living."

"A gem of a book...Beautiful, thought-provoking and inspiring."

"I fell in love with this book from the moment I picked it up. I like the way “rest” is equated to self care. If I had realized that earlier in life, I would not have felt guilty when resting"

The Rest Manifest-Oh poster, which encourages you to Allow other people to help you, and your family. Schedule in your Self care time. Make peace with time. Delight your Self with how rested you are, among others, is a joy-full and meaning-full reminder on the importance of Rest.


This poster is a delight-full companion to the book 'Rest, The Art of Doing Less'.


The poster measures 12.5 x 9.5 inches and is hand-signed by Joseph.


$9.99 + 2.99 shipping (US, Canada and México)

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