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​Schedule Your Session


So glad you're here!

It's really easy to schedule your sessions:

Step 1.

Simply click on this link to schedule your call.

Step 2. 

After you've scheduled a discovery session, just mark the date on your calendar, show up to the call and you're golden! Nothing else to do! 


If you're scheduling a PAID session, please use the paypal button(s) below to pay in advance and reserve your appointment.


Please note: there is a 24 hour cancelation policy. Please do your best to keep the appointment or cancel with at least  24 hours notice. Otherwise, you'll forfeit your free session, or be charged for your paid session.

Step 3. 

CONGRATULATE YOURSELF for taking the first step towards creating a life you LOVE! 



Fees for Services

EFT / Tapping

An amazing tool that combines the wisdom of ancient Chinese acupressure with the healing benefits of contemporary talk therapy. 


Supporting you in taking action with a specific goal(s) personally or professionally in order to create a life you love! Sessions are offered in a series of 12 (twelve) for the most powerful, lasting results — and ensure that you're committed to making meaningful changes now and in the future.  


Hypnosis session(s) to help you heal  your life; address addictions, fears, anxiety, self esteem issues, creative + money blocks, and more.


If you're not clear about which of the services above would be best for your situation, or if you have any other questions, you can reach me right HERE. 

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